Neil is a former U of T English Lit. student. Interested in journalism and history, Neil is 27858047_10155975286906215_8424281545048615908_ncurrently pursuing his long term goal of becoming the next titan of literature in the English language.

I’m not there yet, but I WILL GET THERE… ABSOLUTELY.

It’s going to take some time, though, I know that. So what shall I do in the meantime, before becoming a literary giant? Well lots of things, hopefully.


Why am I keeping this website? I’m not sure exactly, yet. I made this site several years ago when I was trying to learn how to build websites and stuff, and I just sort of kept it. I also enjoy just how it looks so outdated and old, so I don’t want to change it to a more modern looking one ever. The current look suits me; it reminds me of Drudge Report and how bad Myspace used to look back in the day when people cared about Myspace. That’s also a reason I like it I guess. It feels ironic and sort of a fun play on how fast things get outdated in the hyper-highspeed world of the Internet.

For now, I’m sort of just keeping this as like a blog, although I’m having fun with it as it is and I don’t really wanna put too much more work into it than I’m doing right now. It’d feel unnatural I think, because I really don’t have much important stuff to talk about. Maybe when I travel to China I’ll use it to keep people updated, because more other Western SNS systems are blocked there, but idk.

Always, welcome to my site. Feel free to look around or to contact me if you’re not a time waster. 😉

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