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Founding Editor and Content Developer, The Meta Project Sept. 2014 – May. 2015


I learned a lot from working on this project as well,  but I guess that’s just more difficult to say here because The Meta Project was my baby. So I can’t attribute its’ losing steam really to anyone else except me.

I’ve been told that advertising failures this openly really isn’t that smart if you want to make a career of something. I’m not really sure that’s true though to be honest, because you can learn a lot from failures.

What did I learn from this failure in particular? Well, honestly it’s that when you’re starting a new business it helps to have someone that you can trust.

I’ve voiced this idea to other people when discussing this idea in the context of The Meta and I’ve had some disagreement on that. Basically people who have disagreed with me on the idea that it’s good to have a trustworthy partner when you’re starting a new company have said that it’s better just to be able to take the company on yourself.

I don’t disagree with that, but I have noticed how much more successful media companies are when they have two or more central people who’re invested in the success of the company and are also competent.

What was my idea of success with The Meta? Well I would’ve liked to reach past the stage in terms of advertising that I did with, but we never reached that.

Part of the reason for that though is, I have to be honest, I went into the project with a main partner who let me down. Perhaps I should’ve been smarter and paid more attention to the person I was going into business with, but that’s an important lesson.

Working on a website/a company is a lot of work and if you go into a project assuming you’re going to have help and that help disappears, well in my case at least I started to feel really overwhelmed.




Locallit Editor, Content Developer and Columnist at Feb. 2013 – Sept. 2014


Actually it was my legendary bud Nick Camillari and Swept  co-editor/boss who helped me set this personal website up several years back!

I actually wasn’t a founding member of the group. I believe it was originally a project that was developed by Nick and one of his friends had to build as a project for their journalism degree at Humber in 2012, however by the time I entered the picture the second founding partner was starting to lose interest in the project and Nick was starting to be overwhelmed with the prospect of having to do everything. He wasn’t ready to give up yet, though, and so when I got involved in the project that injected another 18 months of dynamic life into the site, and I don’t feel like I’m exaggerating at all about that. If you doubt me send me an email or contact me in whatever medium you feel like and I can put you in touch with Nick. He’ll tell you about how great I am 😉 .

I had a lot of fun working on this project. I learned a ton about how the media industry works and gained insight into what it takes for a startup/new media company to succeed in the modern day. I’m not saying that we succeeded in all of those things haha, obviously seeing as I’m no longer involved in the project. That’s another interesting thing I learned about while working with these guys: there’s a difference between knowing what it takes to succeed (in any industry/profession), and actually having the capability/willingness to make that success happen. 

I learned a ton about the basics of journalism, photojournalism, website design and basic maintenance, as well as working in a journalism based business without a fixed office place. We hung out at several different locations including Nick’s place in Brampton and Humber College in North York, and sometimes in downtown Toronto but actually Nick and I and several other mostly communicated over Skype. Occasional cell phone calls, but not that much. Mostly we communicated through Skype, and it was a really successful system.

Since working with these guys I’ve started and failed in my own media company, but I’ve always been impressed with the ability that we first demonstrated in this group (I mean, first for me anyways) to operate as a cohesive group without the need for an office space, no physical space, and no regularly scheduled meetings in real life.

Working for this group really demonstrated the benefits of how a company like this could work. I probably wouldn’t go back to Swept, but I’d be interested to work for a company similar this model again.




Other short stories & cool projects stuff


– Published ‘Not So Long Ago,’ a Short Fiction piece with The Goose: Short Fiction Anthology at Victoria College, University of Toronto.


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