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The Semi-Professional Journalism Years, 2013 – 16

Yes, at one point I was actually seriously considering going into journalism as a career haha… I don’t want to say I’ve 100% ‘written off’ the idea, but it’s clear to me that it’s less and less of a realistic career these days.

I was serious about it at one point, though. In late 2015 – 2016 I was looking at several schools to pursue my Journalism Master’s at, especially Ryerson University, the University of British Columbia, and Syracuse were all appealing options to me in terms of schools.

But also at the same time as I’m doing this research, I’m talking to other people who are in the field and were in the field in the past and the impression I was getting of the industry was not good to say the least.

So I made a quick decision not to go through with it. I mean if I’m gunna be a dead-beat post-grade when I finish university for a few years anyways, why not take a bit more time and think about if there’s a field I’m attracted to more, that possibly pays more, and leaves me with $40,000 less in debt. Amirite?




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